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Plainsmen Sports

2002 NYS Championship Finalists

Jeffrey Wassenaar
2002 Season

Moment.....talk about moments. My time on that team not only changed me as a person, it shaped me as a man. Not only did our group of guys get to expierence playing big games in big places (Carrier Dome) but we did it with the best set of coaches I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I didn't play that much of a role on that team but I think what made us special is that we all had a role. I think what has stuck with me so much over the years is the fight and determination it takes to play for a team with the history of Shenendehowa. I can still remember walking away from our loss in the championship game feeling like I would rather lose with this team than win with theirs. It wasnt losing the game that mattered, it was the accomplishment of getting there with your closest friends. I'll tell you what, I wish I could talk to every team every year. There is a fire that is required to be great. But being great can only last a year. It the tradition of the school that makes the teams legendary. Its the mindset and the attitude that I think Brent brought to that team that no other team in Section 2 has. This is the type of team that could lose 7 games and their week 8 opponent rest assured will not take them lightly. I check on you guys year in and year out, keep it real with your teamates the closer you are the farther you'll go. GREEN MACHINE 4 LIFE

Josh Hausman
2002 Season

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